Let’s imagine you’ve gotten your whole family in on the recycling game and gone down the sustainability road at home.  But if you really want to go green, then you should consider making changes not only at home, but the office as well.  I recently came across an article with some tips for going green at work, listed below:

Use green materials: While not using paper is the best way to be eco-conscious, that can be difficult.  For when you do use paper, ask the office manager to buy recycled paper with the least possible amount of chlorine bleaching.  But don’t stop with paper; go green with refillable pens and pencils, envelopes and cleaners.  Since these supplies aren’t more expensive or of lesser quality than their non-eco-friendly counterparts, so it’s an easy switch to make.

Cut down on printing: Talk with your coworkers about only using the printer when it’s absolutely necessary.  Ask your manager to email a meeting agenda to attendees instead of printing out copies.  When you do have to print, make sure you use both sides of the paper.  These small changes add up, and allow you to significantly cut down on your office’s use of paper.

Turn off computers: Some people leave their computers on at night so they can jump right back into work the next morning.  Yet leaving on your electronic devices can be a huge waste of energy.  Make sure everybody powers down their computer when they leave for the day, and talk to your boss about turning off everything for the night.

Work from home: If your office has a telecommuting policy, taking advantage of that can lead to higher job satisfaction and help reduce your employer’s carbon footprint.  If your office doesn’t have a work-from-home policy, talk to management about allowing it once a week or once every other week.