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Nathan Seskin is the manager of Recycling Revolution, a plastic scrap purchasing and processing company. In operation since 1987, Recycling Revolution is an expert recycling organization, and specializes in the processing of materials including plastic, metal, and electronic waste streams. They handle the logistics of the entire recycling process from the pickup to the handling of scrap materials, provide all necessary equipment throughout, and offer immediate payment on all purchased scrap. As specialists in contaminated, low end, and difficult to handle materials, Recycling Revolution can help with anyone’s recycling needs.

Since Nathan Seskin started Recycling Revolution, it’s grown into an international business phenomenon. The company buys and ships all over the world; not just the US, but India, China, and Malaysia as well. Nathan Seskin and Recycling Revolution are always looking for new markets, both outside of the United States and within, into which they can expand.

Since the need for recycling is so widespread, the recycling industry offers excellent opportunities for growth. All different types of companies throughout the world generate plastic scrap and other types of waste, whether in the form of soda bottles and milk jugs or on a larger, industrial scale. Recycling Revolution buys this waste, and brings it to their facility where it is shredded, ground, reduced in size, and washed. Then it is shipped and sold as a clean, finished product. Materials are produced every day for sale to companies.

Recycling Revolution is based in Boca Raton, FL, and has plants in Highland Park, MI and in Unadilla, GA. The scrap materials they buy include: HDPE mixed rigid, HDPE baled bottles, HDPE buckets, crates, 3-7 bales, commingled 1-7 bales, LDPE stretch film, HDPE films, PET lumps, MRP, pet strapping, bottles in bales, fiber, bopp rolls clear and printed, post consumer and post industrial films and bottles, polycarbonate bottles, CD and DVD, ABS or HIPS computer housing baled or shredded, HIPS and PP hangers.

Other Services

Further services offered by Nathan Seskin and Recycling Revolution include dropping trailers and installing equipment for suppliers, and selling HDPE fractional melt Regrind and injection grade Regrind and repro, along with many other products.


Recycling Revolution opened a new scrap metal facility in Highland Park, MI, and are now buying Copper, Aluminum, steel and all other ferrous and non ferrous metals. They offer advance payment and cod on scrap. This is just the latest example of the expansion of the company Nathan Seskin started in 1987.

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